Taylor further cements her reputation--as if she needed to--as one the most brutal and dirty fighters in the ring. Maria is no stranger to fighting bigger and heavier foes, and she has a mean streak of her own. But Taylor was all over her, finishing the match by bending the uber-flexible Maria over the ropes, just short of a backbreaker, while wailing fists into Maria's face and abdomen. Maria crumpled into a fetal position when she was finally released, only to be laid out on her back by Taylor for a cross-body pin. At least Taylor didn't use Maria's face as a seat, the usual end to foes that are owned so totally.An interesting main event for sure, but all of us "Maria" fans had hoped for a little more from her; realistically though, "The Sweet Savage" Taylor has been on quite a roll lately.

In the final clash of the night, Glamazon Fantasia put her AFW Wrestling title up against Sabrina.We all here at the AFW knew that this encounter was bound to happen.Tag-team partners or not, these two big,mean aggressive women, much like two territorial lionesses in the heart of the jungle, would have to face each other for the AFW championship belt sooner or later. The match was hard fought, but the heavily favored Fantasia came out on top, putting Sabrina away with a devastating sleeper. This is an unusual finisher for Fantasia, and she may have learned the technique from Lisa. These two may go at each other again, but for now, Sabrina can only lick her wounds and hope for another title shot sometime in the future. Sabrina is quick to remind everyone that she is still AFW boxing champ.