March definitely came in like lion--or lioness--as almost every battler on the roster got into the ring. Lisa was noticeably absent, and engendered a lot of speculation and disappointment among the fans of the fiery redhead. Was she sidelined by injuries? Still scouting new talent? Where is Lisa, and is she ever going to get out of her slump?

The roster was also churning. Vanessa's contract expired, and the young, lithe, latina decided not to renew it, returning to New York. But the biggest surprise was the announced retirement of fan favorite Mason, who has been with the promotion in its various incarnations since the mid-1990s. Dressed in a demure--for Mason--purple one piece with matching boots and sheer tights, Mason announced her departure from ring before the last fight card of the month, catching even some of her stable mates off guard. A few of her fellow battlers joined her in the ring to say their goodbyes, all heartfelt and some tear-filled. Mason's departure will leave a hole in the promotion the management will be hard pressed to fill.But now,on to the March action:

Boxing Champion: Sabrina (above on offense) (Defended title against Chloe) Chloe has surprised many with her boxing prowess. But when you are a little over five feet tall and challenge an undefeated champ who is a few inches shy of six feet, the out come is predictable. Chloe was pounded into jelly, as Sabrina used the busty lass from Berlin as a heavy bag, a warm up before her match with Fantasia. The big blonde finally finished the smaller brunette with a right cross that spun Chloe around, before falling chest first for the count. At least her massive breasts broke her fall.Sabrina remains the champ (For Now)

Marla defeats Alysha: Often underestimated, muscular Marla surprised the heavily favored veteran, leaving the taller brunette limp as a rag doll with a perfectly executed power bomb. Grabbing two fistfuls of hair, Marla raised the vulnerable veteran to a sitting position, before wrapping her legs around Alysha's head and neck for standing head scissors. Facing Alyha's front as she did, Marla was in a perfect position to look down at the dismay in Alysha's eyes every time she tightened her hold, bringing the muscularity of her legs and glutes in stark relief. The scissors were as good as a sleeper hold and Alysha's struggles became weaker until she was out, Marla flexing and grinning for the crowd all the while.

Brandi defeats Danni (Wrestling): Question: How does Danni keep her massive superstructure in the bikinis she wears in the ring while she is getting the tar beat out of her? Spirit gum? Masking tape? Super glue? To be fair, Danni did not merely play the part of the victim in this match up. She even reached into a bag of dirty tricks and un-sportmanlike conduct. At one point, Brandi was flat on the mat, with Danni on top of her, choking her with one hand while slapping and punching her with another. Brandi was able to kick out of that one, and proceeded to show Danni the turnbuckles up close when she finally trapped the blonde in a neutral corner, slamming Danni's face into the padded leather knuckles repeatedly. No less than five snap mares and an excruciating over the knee backbreaker followed, making the schoolgirl pin for the three count--and the foot to back victory pose afterward-- a mere formality.