Taylor Defeats Danni (Boxing): You have to give Danni a lot of credit. Win or
loose, she cheerfully enters the ring almost every month. This is a good thing,
because she loses a lot! This month, she was Taylor's punching bag, as the
heel gets ready to challenge Sabrina for the boxing belt once again.
Danni's bountiful bosom bounced with every blow, as Taylor trapped Danni
against the ropes and just pounded away, winning by TKO.

Where It Really Matters, In the AFW Ring(above) How it Now Currently Stands in the AFW:

Wrestling Champion: Fantasia(Above)

Boxing Champion: Sabrina

Tag Team Champions: Ring Cats

Tag Team Boxing Champions: Ring Cats

**NEW** MMA/Hardcore: Maria defeats Vanessa: Not enough fighters yet for
a proper tournament, but that did not stop lithe, little Maria from entering into
the boxing and Mixed Martial Arts arena--no pun intended--and her first MMA
match was against the always game Vanessa. The slender, muscular Latina
was favored to win this match, but Maria had been obviously training for this
type of fight and dominated Vanessa. Vanessa could do little but defend
herself against the worst of Maria's blows, kicks, and scissors, and could do
nothing but tap her surrender as Maria sat on her chest and shoulders,
snapping Vanessa's head to the left and right with blows. Look for Maria to
compete in boxing matches in the future, as well.

Stay Tuned For More, Fight Fans!
Write ups courtesy of our Inside Reporter, always on the scene, Alex C.