For a league that was scheduled to be on hiatus, it was still a fairly busy
February, as the beautiful grapplers refused to take a break. A vicious grudge
match was fought, a new belt was added, and rumors and whispers of
wrestler departures and returns filled the air. Paige and Lisa were out most of
the month on scouting trips, and we will soon see if they had any recruiting
success. Rumor has it that, after a contract negotiation, Barbie Mayfield will
return to the league. There have been also whispers that former league
grapplers Connie, Donna, and Tonya have been approached to rejoin, but
there is no confirmation of any of these rumors.

Brandi(above) defeats Chloe (Wrestling): Suffering a humiliating defeat at Chloe's
boxing gloved hands in January fired up Brandi, and she challenged Chloe to
a wrestling match. Chloe accepted, and was battered and beaten in the ring
in February by the slimmer Brandi, who attacked her with wild abandon and a
viciousness that was sometimes frightening to watch. Chloe's crushing loss
was never in doubt, and her end came when she was thrown into a neutral
corner, where Brandi repeatedly kicked her in the midsection, until Chloe
crumpled in the corner. Brandi then took a handful of Chloe's hair, and
tugged her top heavy foe's head through the ropes. Straddling Chloe’s
midsection, Brandi then proceeded to choke Chloe into near
unconsciousness, before relenting and claiming her win.