The heat in the ring made up for the January chill, as the Wrestling Championship belt changed hands once more, and a rookie once again devastated a ring veteran in a rough and tumble boxing match. The promotion is currently scouting in England, Japan, and South America for new talent. Unfortunately, Miriam has departed the promotion due to unanticipated problems related to various modeling contracts, breaking the hearts of those who would have loved to see her in the ring. The promotion will also take a hiatus until late spring 2008. Stay tuned at AFWMorepics for all the updates!!!

Championship Regained:
Fantasia (Who defeated Taylor) Fantasia regains the wrestling championship belt by totally destroying Taylor in a match where both heels wore black satin two piece outfits, raising the blood pressure of many a male onlooker...and maybe that of a few women. Taylor, confident after her victory over mat veteran Lisa, was sure that she would be able to hand Fantasia another loss. Taylor, however, lacked the skills that had previously brought Fantasia to her knees. The bigger Fantasia was more than able to match Taylor in mat wrestling and sheer viciousness, and was determined to have the belt around her waist once more. She pulled, flattened, and twisted Taylor like a piece of taffy, and didn't stop until Taylor was limp and unable to resist. All hail the glamazon champion! Despite this loss, Taylor will likely still be one of the top contenders, and the woman all others in the league will have to beat.

Chloe Defeats Brandi (Boxing):
Poor Brandi is the recipient of another devastating boxing loss at the hands of up and coming boxing contender Chloe. Brandi had the initial advantage in this "no rules, no ref" match, scoring a knockdown near the end of the second round, but neglected to quickly take advantage of her downed opponent. This allowed Chloe to get up and beat the bell. The heavier Chloe rallied in the third, scoring hits on Brandi's breast and body, knocking down her slimmer opponent and joining Brandi on the mat, scoring punch after punch on her foe. Brandi could no longer continue and the match was Chloe's by TKO.

Mason Defeats Sabrina (Wrestling): It is always a treat to see these friends and rivals face off in the ring, and this match was no exception. The advantage seesawed from the sultry brunette to the larger blonde, both women taking turns in trapping each other in the turnbuckles and ropes, and twisting each other into human pretzels. Mason won the hard fought match by finally trapping the exhausted blonde in a head scissors Sabrina could not escape, forcing Sabrina to tap out soon after.

Marla Defeats Maria (Wrestling): It was lithe Maria versus muscular Marla in this battle of the blondes, with the slender Maria being twisted into new in different shapes by her powerful foe. Maria had Marla in trouble a few times, but it was Marla's match, and she showed a real mean streak when she finally finished Maria off. Maria, on her knees and all but beaten, was draped halfway through the ropes by Marla. With Maria's head and upper body hanging limply from the second rope, Marla stepped out of the ring, grabbed the top rope with both hands, and wrapped her muscular thighs around Maria's head for a standing head scissors, bouncing the smaller blonde on the ropes all the while. Maria tapped out.

Vanessa Defeats Danni (Boxing): Once again played the part of victim and punching bag, Danni was able to get a few shots in, but it wasn't enough, as she was torn apart by the lithe Latina, Vanessa. After getting trapped in the ropes and suffering not one but two knockdowns, Vanessa finally sent her to dreamland with right cross.

How It Now Stands:

Tag Team Champions: The Ring Cats

Boxing Champion: Sabrina

Tag Team Boxing Champions: The Ring Cats

All Updates Courtesy of our Senior Wrestling Correspondent and "all around" good guy Alex C.