Height: 5'5”; Weight: 125 lb; Measurements: 35D-22-33

Newbie Tonya Takes Another Beating- Can She Deal With the Competition Here?

With the championships decided, there were fewer matches in September, but the intensity of the matches more than made up it. The heat in the ring compensated for the cooler September days and nights, as AFW/Model Wrestlers clashed and struggled against each other with blazing intensity. Luscious Lisa dominated much of the action this month, but we also raised the rafters with a special Grudge Match earlier in the month.Wrestling Champion: Luscious Lisa (Defended title against Fantasia) With the destruction of new rival Alysha at her hands in a special grudge match, Fantasia oozed confidence that she would regain the belt in her highly anticipated rematch for the wrestling championship against Luscious Lisa. But the big glamazon was again defenseless against Lisa's arsenal of technical wrestling holds, high flying maneuvers, and sheer viciousness. The busty brunette was literally brought to her knees in the center of the ring by the much smaller Lisa, and was forced to scream her submission before the ferocious redhead ended her punishment.Boxing Champion: Sabrina (Defended title against Luscious Lisa) Flush from her wrestling victory against Fantasia, an over confident Lisa challenged Sabrina for the boxing title belt…and was pummeled by the bigger blonde! Taking a
measure of revenge for the humiliating loss at Lisa's hands in August, Sabrina knocked the smaller red head from pillar to post. Finally trapping Lisa in a neutral corner, Sabrina's blows thudded against the redhead's belly and ribs. Slumped in the corner, her arms hanging limply on the ropes on either side of her, Lisa just took it, defenseless, her body jerking with each blow. Sabrina finally ended the punishment by delivering a devastating upper cut to the chin that snapped Lisa's head back. The redhead dropped to her knees and fell face first to the mat, knocked out. Before Lisa could be carried out of the ring,Sabrina rolled her over on her back with her foot, raising her arms in a victory pose.
Tag Team Champions: Ring Cats
Tag Team Boxing Champions: Ring Cats
Other matches:Taylor defeats Tonya (Wrestling): The brutal cat fighter Taylor destroyed newbie wrestler Tonya, wiping the ring with the more muscular woman in a match where the winner would be determined by the best of five falls, winning three falls in a row.
1st fall: After dropping Tonya onto her back with a leg sweep, Taylor splashed her opponent, knocking the wind out of her, before locking her ample cleavage on Tonya's face, almost smothering the other woman out before Tonya tapped out. The match had seesawed between the two combatants until then, but Tonya never recovered from this initial setback.
2nd fall: Tonya is dropped to her knees by a vicious knee to groin, only to take a roundhouse kick to the face that sprawls her onto her back. Taylor then drops herself onto Tonya's chest. Sitting on her opponent's breasts, Taylor then leans back and clamps her legs around Tonya's head, snarling as her muscular victim's face turned purple before she taps out.
3rd fall: Taylor brings Tonya to her feet by pulling on hair, and continues to hold on to Tonya's mane as she repeatedly slugs Tonya in her midsection,finishing her onslaught with an open slap to the face, before releasing her hold on Tonya's hair. Tonya fell to her side on the mat, only to be roughly shoved onto her back as Taylor administered a schoolgirl pin, before transitioning to a grinding face sit for the win.While she left the ring, Taylor called Lisa out, challenging the recently victorious redhead to a championship bout in October, and promising her similar treatment if she accepted the challenge. Bristling, Lisa responded that if Taylor wants the belt, she is more than welcome to try to take it from her. As for Tonya, rumors are circulating that this brutal beating was the last straw for her, and that she may leave the club soon.
Summer defeats Danni (Wrestling): Summer chalks up her first win since joining the club, in a match against the buxom blonde. The match seesawed between the two opponents, before the extremely endowed brunette ground her smaller opponent into the mat, seated herself on Danni's midsection, and trapped the blonde in an excruciating leg spread, transitioning into a matchbook pin. Danni tapped out soon after.
Maria defeats Chloe (Wrestling): Maria seems determined to claw herself up the ranks and away from jobbe rdom, and buxom Chloe was a victim of Maria's ambition.Maria reached into a bag of dirty tricks for the win, finishing her opponent off by choking an already flattened Chloe with the bottom rope, leaving a barely conscious Chloe's head hanging from the rope.
Marla & Mason defeat Shannan (Handicap Wrestling Match): Shannan's pay dispute with the front office continued in September, but she was willing to get back into the ring. Asked to wrestle Marla—whose match against her was canceled last month because of Shannan's refusal to fight—as well as her scheduled rematch against Mason, a cocky Shannan said she would wrestle both at once! The ad hoc tag team of Mason and Marla destroyed Shannan, leaving her a sweat soaked heap in the ring. Marla applied a Boston Crab, while Mason clamped a head scissors for a double submission move, as Shannan howled her surrender. If Tonya does leave, it will leave Marla without a tag team partner, but her excellent cooperation with Mason may be a sign of things to come.