Comings and Goings, Close Calls, and Intense Encounters as 2007 Ends!

We took a a month hiatus in November and December has been rather sleepy in the arena, so today's entry covers mostly the battles fought in October, the shake up of the roster, and the one--albeit exciting--boxing match in December.
In October:
Phoylin left the league's "farm system", to marry and raise a family. We wish her well, and thank her for her sprit, graciousness and positive personality.
Wrestling Champion: Taylor (Who defeated Lisa) Lisa looked much less luscious after Taylor destroyed her in an upset win, stripping her of the wrestling title. Taylor can be a canny fighter, and saw the beating Lisa administered to bigger opponents who insisted on stand up fights. Taylor forced the ferocious redhead to fight on the mat by tackling her as soon as the bell rang, and refused to allow the champ to fight on her feet. Denied the chance to execute the high flying manuevers and technical moves that had spelled the doom of her previous challengers, Taylor was able to use her greater weight and catfighting prowess to grind Lisa into the mat. Taylor finally finshed off her opponent by straddling the fallen and dazed redhead who was belly first to the mat, lifted Lisa's head roughly up by her red tresses, and repeatedly slammed her head into mat. Taylor then rougly turned the dazed champ over onto her back, grabbed Lisa's head with both hands, and hugged the helpless redheads's face into her 36D cleavage, smothering Lisa out for a knockout.Not satisfied with just administering a humiliating loss to her foe, Taylor held her unconcious opponent 's head by the hair, the better for the crowd to witness her defeat, while grinding her foot into the readhead's crotch!
Tag Team Champions: Ring Cats

Boxing Champion: Sabrina

Tag Team Boxing Champions: Ring Cats

Mason defeats Summer (Wrestling): Mason had Summer pleading for her to stop, as Mason subjected Summer to a beating that made Summer's many tattoos quiver. After adminsitering headlocks, scissors, surfboards, and other delights, Mason finally finished Summer off with a matchbook pin.Alysha defeats Brandi (Boxing): Still smarting from her earlier defeat at Fantasia's hands in an earlier grudge match, Alysha seemed to take her frustration out on the much smaller Brandi, beating the petite brunette from piller to post, knocking Brandi out seconds before the final bell of their three round match up.Fantasia defeats Tonya (Boxing): Coming off a brutal defeat at the hands of Taylor, Tonya did no better aginst big Fantasia in a boxing bout. Fantasia carried her for the first two rounds, but unleashed her full fury in the final third, trapping the smaller Tonya against the ropes and pelting her with blows to the breasts and body until Tonya slumped to the canvas.Vanessa defeats Maria (Wrestling): It was lithe brunette versus lithe blonde in a sweat soaked match that featured both fighters punishing eachother with snap mares, scissors, and corner punishment. Vanessa got the win by blocking a kick to the head by Maria. Maria was forced to the mat by Vanessa twisting the blocked foot in grasp, forcing maria to follow. Vanessa then adminsitered an excrutiating surfboard, forcing maria to submit.

In December, the roster was shaken up by resignations and realignments:Shannan, unable to reconcile with the management in a wage dispute, left the league and traveled back to California to fight for a number of different promotions. While the management was willing to cancel her contract, Shannan had to pay back her sign up bonus. Jessie's contract expired, and opted not to renew.Bambi's contract also expired, and she opted not renew. The word out, however, is that she was not satisfied with the "push" and "heat" her tag team partner Alysha was generating. While unconfirmed, and her departure was amicable, her exit is unfortunate, as she and Alysha were serious contenders for the tag team title and were favored to win if a bout was fought against the current champs.Summer was allowed to cancel her contract for a more lucrative deal in California, her lust for Miriam's destruction at her hands unsatisfied.Tonya has also departed, although she was urged to stay by both Fantasia and Lisa. Both fighters are locker room leaders, and saw potential in Tonya,despite her losses. She was actually being trained up by both women in November, but Tonya opted to return back to the apartment wrestling circuit in Las Vegas and amatuer body building We wish her well. Only one fight so far, this month:Chloe defeats Lisa (Boxing): Chloe has shown great progess in her boxing,and showed how well she is doing by crushing Luscious Lisa, trapping her redheaded foe aginst the ropes and bombarding her with massive lefts andrights to the body. While Lisa is not among the top boxers yet, she is still a former belt holder, and her destruction at the hands of the Chloe is sure to boost the brunette's popularity. There is some worry among Lisa's fans that her loss to Taylor not only stripped her of her belt and dignity, but some of her "mojo" as well.

Well, that's it fight fans for now! Tune in later for more rough and tumble action with the AFW Models! (and don't forget to vote below)

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